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Dynamic Pricing Pilots

AgFIT Program

Flexible Irrigation Technology 


Valley Clean Energy, partnering with Polaris Energy Services, has developed an innovative program for its agricultural (Ag) customers to help them automate irrigation or other Ag operations and save money while operating in coordination with conditions on the grid.

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Benefits for participants include:

  • Automation. Incentives up to $150 per HP help pay for technology to improve operations and reduce costs.

  • Bill Savings. Savings for irrigating when power is least expensive. Never pay more in the program than on your original tariff.  

  • Easy. Intuitive app makes it easy to plan schedules in response to straightforward hourly prices published a week in advance.  No demand charges. No penalties. No clawbacks. 

  • Flexible. Use irrigation technology provided by Polaris, your preferred vendor, or none at all. Automated, remote/manual or fully manual.

Valley Clean Energy customers, contact us to get an estimate of your incentives:


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