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About Polaris

​Polaris is the leader in connecting agricultural customers with energy market incentives and revenue that automates irrigation control and provides operational savings and visibility. The company manages a network of 500+ irrigation and water conveyance pumps--connected in the field to Polaris Pump Automation Controllers (PAC) and third-party systems, representing 75 MW of peak load that can be shifted when the grid is stressed.

Polaris’ platform is hardened, robust technology, proven over a decade of operations in remote, low-bandwidth environments. Compatibility with most sensors, apps to optimize pump scheduling for energy prices & DR events, remote pump control and network management, and integrations with CRM, Green Button, OpenADR and Irrigation Management systems provide a complete water-energy monitoring and control platform that addresses farmers' challenges, gives utilities access to flexible load, and energy technology vendors last-mile connectivity and vertical-specific functionality for agriculture.

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