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Dynamic Pricing Pilots

AgFIT Program 


10-15% monthly savings PLUS lucrative irrigation automation incentives for  customers of Valley Clean Energy!

Valley Clean Energy has won funding from the CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) for growers in Yolo County to install irrigation automation systems and implement a dynamic pricing model that was successfully tested and proven over two years by Central Valley growers.

Flexible Irrigation Technology

Hurry! $1 million of automation incentives are on a first-come/first-served basis! Contact us today!

3 key benefits

  1. Monthly Bill Savings. Most growers will see 10-15% monthly savings by avoiding 10% of expensive hours. The rate is designed to be cost-neutral so pumps that can’t respond to the price signals will see minimal bill changes.

  2. Simple Automation Incentives. Up to $265 per HP of installed pump capacity specifically dedicated to helping growers automate their pumping and irrigation systems, which lowers labor costs and improves crop quality.  

  3. ​Reliable Irrigation. Intuitive irrigation scheduling that utilizes highly reliable systems and technology trusted by California Ag operators on more than 500 pumps today.


How does it work?

  • Energy prices are published a week in advance, making it easy to set a schedule in the intuitive web app provided by Valley Clean Energy. Plus you enjoy the flexibility to make changes up to the last minute.

  • No demand charges, save money when there's flexibility, and the simple, flexible Ag tariff incentivizes irrigation when energy is plentiful and cheap while offering significant savings for avoiding the few hours when the grid is most stressed.

  • Any irrigation automation technology can be used, or none at all.

Valley Clean Energy has partnered on this program with Polaris Energy Services, the leader in Agricultural Demand Flexibility, who will provide the technology trusted by California Ag operators and used on more than 500 pumps today. Polaris Energy Services and Valley Clean Energy are making it easy for you to participate in this program, set to begin in the 2022 growing season.

Contact us at or 530-309-1001 to get your FREE estimate of incentives and savings. 

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