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CPUC Authorizes Valley Clean Energy Ag Demand Flexibility Pilot

The CPUC decided in its voting meeting today to authorize a pilot proposed by Valley Clean Energy to implement a dynamic, flexible tariff based on CPUC's UNIDE (Unified, universal, dynamic, (market integrated)economic signal) approach. Elements of the approach were tested by TeMix and Polaris in EPIC projects and they will partner with VCE to implement this 5 MW pilot over three years.

Commissioner Darcie Houck explained her support for the pilot at the voting meeting:

"The proposed decision authorizes an innovative pilot project for agricultural irrigation pumping which was proposed by Valley Clean Energy. 85% of Valley Clean Energy's service territory is designated for agricultural use and the agricultural sector represents 16% of their peak demand. They'll be partnering with TeMix and Polaris on technology which has already been tested through the Energy Commission's ratepayer funded EPIC program. As the assigned commissioner on the high distributed energy future rulemaking, I'm pleased to see this kind of innovation and creative approach to flexible load management. This pilot incorporates concepts from the DER and Demand Flexibility Roadmap, emphasizing the importance of automation and the use of dynamic energy costs based on the Cal ISO wholesale market prices and I'm looking forward to seeing the findings of the pilot project, which will be evaluated at its conclusion in 2024."

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