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(Good news) Re: renewable energy curtailment

The impacts of Valley Clean Energy's AgFit pilot program for irrigation pumps are beginning to come into focus, and PV Magazine recently highlighted one of the interesting potential outcomes of an expanded state-wide program in California: the reduction of renewable energy curtailment.

Renewable energy curtailment is a pesky side effect of solar and wind resources not always lining up with the electricity transmission capabilities (check out this primer if you want to learn more). While there is a bit of a debate about the severity of the problem and the best ways to address it, news that programs like AgFit are making an impact should be well received by all.

Irrigators themselves hold some powerful keys for further unlocking ways to address the problem of renewable energy curtailment: participation in evolving demand response programs tailored for Ag; capitalizing on time-of-use and dynamic rate savings opportunities with automation; deploying on-farm energy storage options; and exploring the brave new world of electric farm vehicles. Like the early success of AgFit, that's good news.


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