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Money for Pumps

Savings with Automation

Money for Pumps

Automated Demand Response

Demand Response

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AgFIT Program


California is paying irrigators to shift electricity use, from occasional changes during grid emergencies to smart scheduling every week for greater incentives and savings. Polaris has access to the greatest variety of incentives and the expertise to get the most dollars in automation systems and cash payments while minimizing interruptions and out of pocket costs.

Sill Properties with over 5,000 acres in Kern County automated 23 main wells, 7 booster pumps and deployed 7 reservoir depth sensors more


"Partnering with Cal West Rain, Polaris helped Sill Properties apply for and receive $230K of incentives from PG&E’s Automated Demand Response program and will help them participate with minimal changes to irrigation schedules."

Automated Demand Respose

Savings With Automation

Intuitive myPOLARIS mobile and web app simplify pump automation and irrigation control using Polaris' rugged control hardware or integrating with leading vendors' to provide energy incentives and savings on any platform. The result? Energy savings, superior irrigation uniformity, and greatly reduced labor costs.


Why Polaris?

Polaris is trusted by Ag operations because of its proven technology, reliable network monitored 24x7, and unmatched expertise in making energy markets and programs work for growers more



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